able, ible able, capable capable, agreeable, edible, visible
ade result of action blockade
age act of, state of, result of storage, wreckage, damage
al relating to gradual, manual, natural
algia pain neuralgia, nostalgia, myalgia
an, ian native of, relating to African, riparian,
ance, ancy action, process, state assistance, allowance, defiance
ary, ery, ory relating to, quality, place where aviary, bravery, dormitory
cian possessing a specific skill or art magician, physician,
cy action, function hesitancy, prophecy, normalcy
cule, ling very small molecule, ridicule, animalcule, duckling, sapling
dom quality, realm freedom, kingdom, wisdom
ee one who receives the action refugee, nominee, lessee
en made of, to make silken, frozen, wooden
ence, ency action, state of, quality difference, confidence, urgency, agency
er, or one who, that which baker, miller, professor
escent in the process of adolescent, senescence, putrescence
ese a native of, the language of Javanese, Japanese, Balinese
esis, osis action, process, condition genesis, hypnosis, neurosis, osmosis
ess female goddess, lioness, actress
et, ette small one, group midget, baronet, sextet, lorgnette
fic making, causing scientific, specific
ful full of frightful, careful, helpful
fy make beautify, fortify, simplify
hood order, condition, quality manhood, adulthood
ic nature of, like metallic, acidic, bucolic, simplistic
ice condition, state, quality justice, malice
id, ide a thing connected with or belonging to fluid, fluoride, bromide
ile relating to, suited for, capable of juvenile, senile, purile, missile
ine nature of feminine, genuine, medicine
ion, sion, tion act, result, or state of cancellation, contagion, infection, crenellation
ish origin, nature, resembling foolish, Irish, clownish, impish
ism system, manner, condition, characteristic alcoholism, communism, capitalism,
ist one who, that which artist, dentist, flautist
ite nature of, quality of, mineral product prelate, Mennonite, dynamite, graphite, Israelite
ity, ty state of, quality celebrity, captivity, clarity, poverty
ive causing, making abusive, exhaustive, abortive
ize, ise make emphasize, exercise, bowdlerize, bastardize, idolize, fanaticize
logy study, science, theory biology, anthropology, geology, neurology
ly like, manner of carelessly, fearlessly, hopelessly
ment act of, state or, result containment, contentment, amendment
ness state of carelessness, restlessness
nomy law autonomy, economy, taxonomy
oid resembling asteroid, spheroid, rhomboid, anthropoid
ous full of, having gracious, nervous, pompous,
ship state of, office, quality assistantship, friendship, authorship
some like, apt, tending to lonesome, lissome, threesome, gruesome
tude state of, condition of gratitude, aptitude, multitude
ure state of, act, process, rank culture, literature, rupture, rapture
ward in the direction of eastward, downward, backward
y inclined to, tend to cheery, crafty, faulty



 Almanak Anasayfa'ya Dönüş