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Güncel Olaylar

/KA-rıntı-FEERZ/ (ENG)

/KÖ-rıntı-FEERZ/ (USA)


 Question 01

In 2003, Turkish parliament passed a series of human rights reforms aimed to help Ankara improve its position in the AB membership talks with --------------- in 2004. These reform packages are no doubt important steps that must be put into effect to earn a place among the civilized nations of this much-troubled world of ours.


 1.  Baghdad      2.  London      3.  Zurich    


 4.  Washington      5.  Brussels






 Question 02  -- "She conquered Europe, before Ankara could..." Turkland came in tops at an international beauty pageant in December 2002, when Miss Turkland, 22-year-old Azra Akın, claimed the Miss --------------- title.


 1.  Globe      2.  World      3.  Turkland


 4.  Universe      5.  Europe






 Question 03


The unexpected Turkish winning streak continued in 2003 with Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan winning the runner-up Grand Prix prize at the prestigious --------------- Film Festival for his film Uzak. (GRAND PRIX (2003) : Uzak, by Nuri Bilge Ceylan; PRIX D'INTERPRÉTATION MASCULINE DU FESTIVAL DE -------------- (2003) : Muzaffer Özdemir & Mehmet Emin Toprak for Uzak)


 1.  Cairo      2.  Venice      3.  Ephesus (Ephesos)


 4.  Antalya      5.  Cannes






 Question 04  -- Topping the list of impressive Turkish triumphs in Europe was last year’s win at the popular Eurovision song contest in --------------- when singing sensation Sertab Erener elbowed out her European counterparts. She was given a national hero’s welcome back home in Turkland...



 1.  Iceland      2.  Latvia      3.  Estonia


 4.  Lithuania      5.  Finland




 Question 05


Perhaps unimaginable until very recent times, Turkland has signed Article 13 of the European Human --------------- Agreement, lifting capital punishment during wartime and under the threat of war. Turkland had formerly signed Article 6 of the agreement, lifting capital punishment during peacetime, on Jan. 15, 2003. Turkland, being one of the last countries to sign Article 6, had long been a point of contention between Strasbourg and Ankara. Other countries that are yet to sign Article 13 are Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


 1.  Geography      2.  Needs      3.  Perfection


 4.  Rights      5.  Pollution









5 correct answers: I take off my hat and salute you, fellow citizen... You really deserve a civic medal. [Dikkat: "cıvık madalya" değil!! /si-vik me-dıl/ = yurttaşlık madalyası]


4 correct answers: Good try, but I'm sorry you've missed the big prize yet once again... [yet = de, da... "yet once again" = bir kez daha...]


3 correct answers: Obviously you must work much harder to keep up with current affairs...


2 correct answers: Oh, my, my, my... You really ought to be ashamed of your poor performance on this little test... Whatcha been doin' in your spare time? Regularly watching and wasting your valuable time with the Doğan Media Group's preposterous "the Popstar", haven't you ?! (="POPSTAR" SOYTARILIĞI)


1 correct answer:   What utter indifference (= kayıtsızlık, ilgisizlik) to the world you live in... I would imagine you're going through some serious depression. You might possibly be suffering frequent bouts of panic attacks, too!!...


No correct answers: I daresay, Sir/Madam, you deserve to be locked up with BAYHAN for seven X twenty-four hours and listen to him sing !!...

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