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 Question 01


Though primarily an administrative city, --------------- is also an important commercial, industrial, and cultural center. Grains, vegetables, and fruit are grown nearby. Manufactures include food products, wine, farm machinery, textiles, and cement. --------------- goats are well-known for the mohair made from their coats. It is also the home city of the world-famous --------------- cat, which is one of the most intelligent and affectionate breeds known. This cat tends to attach itself strongly to one person, but is also very loving and playful with the whole family.


 1.  Van      2.  Adana      3.  Ankara


 4.  İzmir      5.  Amasya





 Question 02


--------------- is the trade center for a productive agricultural region and one of the most rapidly growing cities in Turkland due to its position in the midst of a large-scale irrigation development, with significant textile-related industries. The city was called Edessa until its incorporation into the Ottoman Empire in 1637.


 1.  Kahramanmaraş      2.  Muş      3.  İzmir


 4.  Şanlıurfa       5.  Gaziantep





 Question 03


A commercial and transportation center with renovated port facilities, it exports food products and tobacco. Iron, lead, and copper are found nearby. Under the Ottomans it had become the starting point of caravans to Persia. --------------- has many historic monuments, the best preserved being the 13th-century Church of Aya Sophia (now a museum), an excellent example of Byzantine architecture.


 1.  Erzurum      2.  Sinop      3.  İstanbul


 4.  Siirt      5.  Trabzon





 Question 04


The largest Turkish commercial seaport after İstanbul, its exports include cotton, tobacco, vegetables, manufactures, and carpets. It is also an important commercial and industrial center, whose manufactures include processed food, textiles, tobacco, cement, petrochemicals, and manufactured goods. Tourism is increasingly important. It is a road and rail transportation center, and an annual international trade fair is held there.


 1.  Zonguldak      2.  Antalya      3.  İzmir


 4.  Mersin      5.  Samsun





 Question 05


This urban district, part of İstanbul, is on the Asian side of the Bosporus. It is a commercial and industrial center. Known as Chrysopolis in ancient times, it enjoyed its greatest prosperity after the Ottoman conquest (15th century). As the gateway to İstanbul, it was embellished with many mosques, caravansaries, and other public buildings. During the Crimean War (1854-56), --------------- was a base  of the British army and the site of the military hospital made famous by the work of Florence Nightingale.


 1.  Çamlıca      2.  Üsküdar      3.  Pendik


 4.  Anadolu Kavağı      5.  Haydarpaşa








5 correct answers: I take off my hat and salute you, fellow citizen... You really deserve a civic medal. [Dikkat: "cıvık madalya" değil!! /si-vik me-dıl/ = yurttaşlık madalyası]


4 correct answers: Good try, but I'm sorry you've missed the big prize...


3 correct answers: Obviously you must work much harder to polish up your Turkish geography...


2 correct answers: Oh, my, my, my... You really ought to be ashamed of your poor performance on this little test...


1 correct answer:   Well, well, well... You can only congratulate yourself on your well-rounded ignorance!!...


No correct answers: I daresay, Sir/Madam, you're utterly useless and singularly lousy as a citizen...

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