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A Spelling Test Based on Observation

Designed Specifically for Turkish Students of ESL



Spelling can be one of the most challenging parts of your English study. Whether it is a school report or a business letter that you are writing, correct spelling is of utmost importance: If you do not want to trigger a negative impression upon the people you are writing to, you have to be a good speller.




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Heceleme sorunları İngilizce çalışmalarınızın en çetin bölümlerinden birini oluşturabilir. İster bir okul ödevi ister bir iş mektubu yazıyor olunuz, doğru heceleme çok büyük önem taşır. Yazıştığınız kişiler üzerinde olumsuz bir izlenim tetiklemek istemiyorsanız, heceleme hatalarından uzak durmalısınız.








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HECELEME - SPELLING: Anahtar sözcükler: Heceleme, hecelenme yanlışları, heceleme hataları, to spell, spelling, to misspell, misspelling; spelling mistakes; spelling errors. How's your spelling? Can you spell hippopotamus? SPELLING: Misspellings and incorrect word usage ingilizce heceleme yanlışları are the most common errors in customer service heceleme hataları e-mails. How is your spelling / heceleme? Do you confuse common "sound-alike" heceleme yahu heceleme sene be kardeşim "look- alike' words, such as accept and except? İngilizce How do you score on spelling and word usage? question 1: How is your spelling? ve telaffuz İngilizce Türkçe gibi "yazıldığı gibi mi okunuyor?" posted by speller at 8:50 AM on October 23 spelled wrong How well do you deal with criticism, constructive or otherwise posted by speller at 9:00 AM on October 23 How is your spelling? I’m sure you think it’s fine, (because almost all kids think their spelling is fine). Here’s a
hint - Heceleme Your spelling is not as good as you think. İngilizce HECELEME HATALARI ve HECELEME YANLIŞLARI How can I say this? Because you misspelled “multiplication” four times, two different ways. Spell them right. SDpell them correctly Also, yoiu misspelled the word “remember.” You also mistyped some other words, and didn’t pay attention to your grammar
(capital letters for example.) How is your spelling? I have had problems with spelling since I was in school. I have been out of school since 1984. HECELEME HATALARI ve HECELEME YANLIŞLARI I still struggle with spelling and grammar. But as everyone is here to learn, we can all learn from each other. When do you use a comma? I have found that spelled wrong if you practice spelling and read carefully you will gradually improve. İngilizce But if you try to read a book about spelling and be a better speller you have another thing coming. Oh, there is that comma gone missing again. İngilizce How is your spelling? This game is fun and will help you out. common spelling mistakes Correct the spelling mistakes. These words are spelled wrong. I misspell and Maybe it all shouldn't be so much about pride. Everyone commits mistakes, in any language, including one's own. Unless it's done to mock or humiliate someone, why would it be bad to nicely comment on some misspelling or grammar errors? Can you correct them which are misspelled? Spelling Errors Can Spell Disaster! Correct all spelling mistakes in these words and their explanations. There is ONE mistake in each word or its explanation There is ONE spelling mistake in each of the following sentences. Find it and correct it. Common spelling problems. My spelling leaves a lot to be desired. I write quickly and post, then sometimes notice a mistake and edit to correct it. One fine forero sometimes sends me PMs to point out my spelling errors in his/her language and in my own. I reply with thanks by PM, İngilizce and with thanks İngilizce by user name again in the edit reason field. Spellers Choose the correctly spelled word from the list. Stupid things we say and spelling mistakes we make. Identifying spelling mistakes. This may be a cultural thing so I will check. Is it considered good manners in this forum for spelling errors by natives to be identified on the boards before sending a PM to the perpetrator of the misspelt error to edit the mistake? On the other hand, non-natives might see a native make a common mistake and feel a little less dumb for having made the same mistake at one time in the past. I´d imagine there is also a sense of pride for some learners who have mastered the difference between its and it´s and later see a native get flagged for having mixed the two. Identifying spelling mistakes. But I am a very bad speller HECELEME HATALARI ve HECELEME YANLIŞLARI I mean I am very bad at spelling.One thing is of course language policing, when someone takes upon themselves to enforce a certain
perspective of what constitutes "correct language" on others, and that is gruesomely horrible. Sometimes a foreign speaker of a language might even know more than natives about grammar, as they might be learning the language precisely through grammar and such. Which natives don't. But I agree it is a little sensitive, this issue.