Lower Intermediate

Please do not click the answer button before you have thoroughly studied the question and deliberated on your own choice !!


    01 --  She (have) five cups of tea since we came here.

a. has had
b. has been having


02 --  They (think) about it, but haven't quite decided yet.

a. have thought
b. have been thinking


03 --  I (try) to learn English for years now. I can't say I've succeeded yet.

a. have tried
b. have been trying


04 --  I (wait) here all this time for somebody I know to turn up. (Süreklilik ve devam niyetinizi vurgulayınız)

a. have waited
b. have been waiting

05 --  I think I (wait) enough; I'm leaving now.

a. 've waited
b. 've been waiting


06 --  That book (lie about) for weeks. Haven't you read it yet?

a. has lain about
b. has been lying about


07 --  It (snow) all day long. Frankly, I've had enough of it! I wish it would stop soon.

a. has snowed
b. has been snowing


(Her ikisi de olanaklıysa da...),

08 --  Hello, Ali. I haven't seen you for weeks. What (do you) all this time?

a. have you done
b. have you been doing


09 --  She (change) three boy friends within a month.

a. has changed
b. has been changing


10 --   How long have you been learning English? (ever think you of) giving it up?

a. Have you ever thought of
b. Have you ever been thinking of


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