Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul


YAHOO Uluslararası İngilizce Öğretim Grupları DÜNYA BİRİNCİSİ !!

January 19th, 2004

Supplement # 077



Dearest Members,

In our last issue, I kept up my usual ranting about the problems of mastering English in general and about those experienced with the ÜDS and KPDS exams in particular, and at one point I suggested that there is no sense in keep doing lots and lots of "eeny weeny" tests. That would be a waste of your precious time.

A lot of members have written and asked me what I mean by "eeny weeny tests" (bıdı bıdı testler)...

In this issue, you will find a test that is NOT "eeny weeny" by any stretch of the phrase.

Now, let's be realistic and not bury our heads in the sand. I know that a lot of candidates would use the eeny-weeny-miney-woe method when faced with questions of this caliber.

(Please do not rush to consult your English encyclopaedias about the "eeny-weenie-miney-woe" method. You'll find it in no encyclopaedia, in no dictionary. I have invented the phrase on the spot... You might say it is just another one of my great contributions to the English language!!)

O.K. On a more serious vein, supposing you are aiming at 50 at the ÜDS -- Make sure that you have answered correctly at least 6 of the following questions. And make that 7 for 65, and so on.

Remember that "A friend tells the bitter truth" (Dost acı söyler) and that "Last regrets make no difference" (Son pişmanlık fayda etmez).

But, let me change that -- to give you some encouragement -- to "Late regrets sometimes do work miracles" (Çıkmadık canda umut vardır)...

You've got only eight weeks to go...

Please do not click the answer button before you have thoroughly studied the question & deliberated on your own choice !!


 01  --  Let's forget about it all, ............... ?

a. won't we       b. will we       c. don't we

d. shall we       e. let us not



 02  --  My parents have been married for 24 years. Next year they ............... for 25 years."

a. will have been married       b. are married

c. will have married       d. have been married

e. will be having married



 03  --  He's got a ............... grandmother.

a. ninety-year old       b. ninety-years-old

c. ninety years old      d. ninety year old

e. ninety-year-old



 04  --  Leave it to your daughter, and she'll get ............... with either a davul-player or a zurna-player.

a. friendly         b. engaged        c. married

d. interested      e. in love



 05  --  As far as I'm concerned, all he's good at .............. making up the most improbable excuses anyone has ever heard.

a. his          b. presently         c. is

d. he is        e. present



 06  --  No matter how hard I tried to make them understand, they just wouldn't take my word for ............... I said, .............. annoyed me very much.

a. what / which        b. that / which       c. that / that

d. which / that          e. which / which



 07  You .............. another job pretty soon. I have a feeling that you're going to get fired before long.

a. would have started to look for

b. had better to start looking for

c. would start looking for

d. 'd better to start to look for

e. 'd better start looking for



 08  --  He's going ............... this afternoon.

a. having cut his hair        b. to have cut his hair

c. his hair to have cut       d. to having to cut his hair

e. to have his hair cut



 09  --  Not only ............... our display windows, but they also choose the different kinds of materials to be used in the background.

a. design professional interior decorators do

b. professional interior decorators do design

c. do professional interior decorators design

d. do design professional interior decorators

e. design do professional interior decorators



 10  --  .............. an unmarried mother herself, she would sympathize with you and appreciate your problems.

a. Accepting       b. To be       c. Admitting

d. Being              e. To have been





Yukardaki sorulardan en az 6 tanesini yanıtlayamadıysanız, ÜDS ve KPDS'den 50 almayı unutunuz. 65 puan için bu sayıyı 7 olarak düşününüz. İşte "bıdı bıdı" testlerle kıymetli zamanınızı boşa harcamayın derken bunu kastediyorum.


Yukarda da söylediğim gibi: A friend tells the bitter truth. Dost acı söyler...


Bu soruları, eğitim paketimiz için bitirmek üzere olduğum "Gramer Testleri" yardımcı kitabımdan aktardım. Bu yeni kitabımızda, amiral kitabımızdaki bilgi ve testleri destekleyen, gramerin genel bir özeti sayılabilecek 20'şer soruluk 15 test yer alıyor.

Not: Hazır olur olmaz, üçüncü eğitim paketimizi almış olan Üyelerimize göndereceğim. Ayrıca istek yapmanız gerekmeyecektir.








 will continue in our next issue...



We, at the editorial desk, that is me, myself and Mr. İzbul, have been very busy indeed trying to help out the political parties with their mayorship candidates. We have given the matter some serious thought, and here are our suggestions:

Aydın Doğan

for Bâb-ı Âlî Şehremini (mayor - belediye başkanı) for the AKP, on condition that

Ertuğrul Özkök

be kept as his trusted general secretary, in charge of doping the masses with various pipe dreams...

with valuable counselling contribution by

Hasan Cemal

in matters of ademi-ittihad (decentralization), and

Mehmet Altan

in matters of retro-terakki

(counter revolution)...



for the Ministry of Culture !!

as part of our campaign,

"Help out the janitor with emptying waste baskets, cleaning the grounds and mopping the floors"...

Linguistic Notes: "--ship" is a suffix, pronounced /şip/. Do not confuse it with "sheep", pronounced /şi:p/...

"Mayor", /me-yı/ = belediye başkanı; not to be confused with the adjective "major" /mey-cı/ = "önde gelen"...

Therefore, "mayorship" is not to be confused with "major sheep" as in "the black sheep of the family"...