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Dearest Members,

WERV U BIN? PPL R starting to use SMS abbreviations all the time, OTOH not everyone understands what BCNU means. 2 SIT W/ SOM1 by MOB or email, SMS abbreviations R GR8. :-)

In plain English:
(Yani, herkesin anlayacağı İngilizce ile)

Where have you been? People are starting to use SMS abbreviations all the time, on the other hand not everyone understands what "be seeing you" means. To stay in touch with someone by mobile or email SMS abbreviations are great.

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As I'm sure you all know, in the world of the mobile phone, SMS stands for Short Message (or Messaging) Service and is the name given to the system that enables mobile phone users to send and receive text messages.

Abbreviations are used so that maximum use can be made of a limited space. The increasing popularity of SMS stems from the fact that messages are quick to write and can be a source
of entertainment to both the sender and the receiving person.

It is to be noted that the same kind of language is becoming quite standard in emails and conversations in Internet chat rooms.

So, here is a humble collection of emoticons, acronyms and abbreviations that might become handy in your e-mail messages, SMS and online chatting in English -- but, whatever you do with them,
please do not use them in your correspondence with me, for I am too old to start learning another "foreign" language...



:-)    smiling
:-D   laughing
;-)    winking; just kidding
:*)   clowning; sending a kiss
:-o   wow!
:-(   frowning
:(    sad
:-||   angry
:-V   shouting
|-O   yawning
:Q    what?
:-&   tongue-tied

SMS Acronyms and Abbreviations

@ == at
AFAIK == as far as I know
ATB == all the best
B == be
BBL == be back late(r)
BCNU == be seeing you
B4 == before
BRB == be right back
BTW == by the way
C == see
CUL8R == see you later
F2F == face to face
F2T == free to talk
FYI == for your information
GAL == get a life
GR8 == great
HAND == have a nice day
H8 == hate
IC == I see
ILUVU == I love you
IMHO == in my humble opinion
JIC == just in case
JK == just kidding
KIT == keep in touch
KWIM == know what I mean
L8R == later
LOL == lots of luck; laughing out loud
MOB == mobile
MSG == message
MYO == mind your own business
NE1 == anyone
NO1 == no one
OIC == oh I see
PCM == please call me
PLS == please
PPL == people
RUOK == are you okay?
SIT == stay in touch
SPK == speak
THKQ == thank you
TTYL == talk to you
TX == thanks
U == you
WAN2TLK == want to talk?
W/ == with
WKND == weekend
WU == what's up?
X == kiss
XLNT == excellent
XOXOX == hugs and kisses
YR == your
2NITE == tonight
3SUM == threesome

Dearest Members,

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