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25th Dec, 2001 - 0006


I will not say, Dearest Members, it was -- for us the İzbuls and our neighbours -- just one of those crazy weekends... No, it was not! It was the craziest ever!! The sort of thing one would hope and pray never to happen in a lifetime...

It all began Saturday morning when we discovered there was something wrong with our heating system and gave a call to the maintenance guys to come over and have a look at it. They scheduled their visit for the afternoon.

I had planned to take my car in for repairs (having had some problem with the exhaust manifold the day before) and then take my Badi & Elmosh (cocker spaniel & Irish setter) to their Uncle Vet for their three-monthly check-up and vaccines...

I decided to forget about the car till Monday and take my canine buddies by taxi. The sour-faced driver wasn't exactly polite about their muddy feet -- it had been raining cats and dogs all through the night -- but I thought I'd better let that pass...

When the repairmen finally arrived it was already late afternoon; and just as they were finishing the usual ritual of opening up their impressive looking bag and baggage, bringing forward all their formidable tools, POP!! went out the lights.

Half an hour later, a team from the Municipality electricity board arrived, messed around a bit -- then they declared portentously there was something wrong with the underground cable that supplied power to our three blocks of apartment flats, adding delightedly (remember, it was early Saturday evening by now and time for them


to pack up and go home) that this was on private property and hence outside their area of responsibility and we would have to call in a private electrician.

Well, the only electrician we could get through to on a Saturday evening was already plastered (= sarhoş) beyond help and helping; he declared he would come over and have a look at at it "tomorrow morning" by which he apparently meant "tomorrow afternoon".

That was our first night without electricity, and as I was trying to while away the ensuing 14 hours of spooky silence in utter darkness, I nearly went religious, coming to my senses only with the first glorious rays of the morning sun.

My wife and I cooked frantically through Sunday (the gas-cooker luckily not being dependent on electricity) for the deep-freeze had already begun to thaw. By the afternoon we had cooked enough food to last the family for a couple of weeks. There was no hope of distributing them among the neighbours, because everyone else was in the same fix themselves...

Well, Dearest Readers, I am only half-way through recounting our woes over the weekend, but I think I'll stop at this point and spare you the rest of this most depressing story. Anyhow, at least you now know why this issue of our ever-so-punctual newsletter was delayed by full thirty-six hours!

*  *  *  *  *

Merry Christmas to our Christian friends and A Happy New Year for All... Hope to be with you again on Thursday, January 3rd, 2002, mishaps allowing... İzbul




US: "Turkland Deserves Support"

An official from the US Treasury Department said they were working diligently on Turkland's need for urgent financial aid and that they had welcomed the plans for a new delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) be sent to Ankara.

deserves support = desteği hakkediyor, destek hakkıdır... an official from the US Treasury Department = ABD Hazine Bakanlığından bir yetkili... urgent financial aid = acil mali yardım... welcomed the plans = olumlu karşıladı...

The same official released a statement to the Reuters news agency saying that the Turkish economy had greatly improved
in August and in the beginning of September, but that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks had adversely affected the ensuing developments.

released a statement = basın bildirisi yayınladı... adversely affected = olumsuz etkiledi... ensuing developments = izleyen, takip eden gelişmeler...

He added, "Intensive work on the full effects of the Sept. 11 attacks on the Turkish economy and the Turkland's financing need are under way." Another official from the Bush administration said that Turkland deserves Washington's support because it is working very hard to implement its economic program.

intensive work = yoğun çalışmalar... are under way = üzerinde çalışılıyor... to implement = hayata geçirmek, yürütmek, gerçekleştirmek...

He was quoted as saying, "Although unexpected and uncontrollable developments occurred within and outside Turkland, the US would not abandon its best ally in the region in such an atmosphere."

was quoted as saying = söylediği bildirildi (gazetecilik dili)... to abandon = terketmek... its best ally in the region = bölgedeki en iyi müttefiki... such an atmosphere = böylesi bir ortam...

* * * * * 

[Readers are advised to note that linguistic forms are given priority in the3 present newsletter over factual correctness][Okuyucularımızın dikkatine: Bu bültende dil öğrenmeye yönelik ifadeler önplanda tutulmakta, haberlerin doğruluğu ikinci planda gelmektedir]



Turkish Court Adjourns Leeds Murder Trial

Excerpted from the Reuters, co, UK, Dec. 24th, 2001

A Turkish court has adjourned to February 15 the trial of 20 Turks accused of involvement in the killing of two British football fans in April 2000.

to adjourn = davayı ertelemek... trial = duruşma, dava... accused of = ile suçlanan... involvement = olaya karışmış olmak... football fans = taraftarlar...

Leeds United supporters Kevin Speight and Christopher Loftus were stabbed to death in street brawls ahead of a UEFA Cup semi-final match against Turkish side Galatasaray. The incident led to the 20 being charged with offences ranging from murder to assault.

supporters = destekçileri, taraftarları... stabbed to death = bıçaklanarak öldürülmüşlerdi... street brawl = sokak kavgası... ahead of = öncesinde...

incident = olay (incidence = 1. vuku bulma; 2. tıp literatüründe insidans: "vakaların, olguların sıklığı")... charged with = accused of = ile suçlanan... offence = 1. kabahat; 2. suç... ranging from murder to assault = cinayetten saldırıya kadar (bir yelpazede)...

The six charged with murder face up to 30 years in prison if convicted, though under Turkish law they may serve as little as 12 years of their sentences if they get time off for good behaviour.

if convicted = eğer suçlu bulunurlarsa... to serve a sentence = hapis cezası çekmek... if they get time off for good behaviour = iyi halden dolayı süre indirimi alırlarsa...

All but one of the accused have been released on bail during the hearing. A presiding judge had previously hinted that a verdict might be reached before the end of the year.

all but one = biri dışında hepsi... the accused = sanıklar... released on bail = kefaleten tahliye edilmiş bulunuyorlar... presiding judge = mahkeme başkanı... previously hinted = daha önceden ima etmişti... verdict = mahkeme kararı...

An overloaded judicial system means many cases in Turkland can last years.

overloaded = aşırı yüklü, yoğun iş yükü altında... judicial system = yargı sistemi...





We need a president who's fluent in at least one language. -- Buck Henry  En az bir dili akıcı doğru dürüst ve akıcı konuşabilen bir Başkan bulmalıyız...

What luck for the rulers that men do not think. -- Adolf Hitler  what luck for the rulers = yöneticiler ne derece talihli... Biz yöneticiler çok şanslıyız ki insanlar düşünceden yoksun...

The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment. -- Robert Hutchins  assassination = suikast... ambush = pusuya düşürme... slow extinction = giderek ve yavaş soyu tükenme... apathy = kayıtsızlık, ilgisizlik (sympathy = eş duygular; antipathy = zıt, ters duygular; apathy = duygu yokluğu, tepki yokluğu; empathy = kendini onun yerine koyma, onun gibi hissetme)... indifference = apathy, kayıtsızlık, ilgisizlik... undernourishment = yetersiz beslenme...

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. -- Thomas Jefferson  price of freedom = özgürlüğün bedeli... eternal = sonsuz... vigilance = tetikte olma, nöbette olma, dikkat ve uyanıklık...

As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. -- Abraham Lincoln  "Köle olmayacağım gibi efendi de olmam. İşte bu benim demokrasi anlayışımı ifade ediyor."

No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent. -- Abraham Lincoln  consent = rıza, razı olma, izin verme...

Politics have no relation to morals. -- Niccolo Machiavelli   "Siyaset ve ahlak arasında bir ilişki, bir bağlantı yoktur."


Intermediate Grammar:

Fill in the Blanks

1. I ............ laughing when you tripped on the carpet and went head over heels.

a. could help you          b. couldn't help          c. mustn't be

d. can't stop                     e. couldn't stand


2. This apple has .............. exceptionally sweet taste.

a. very         b. almost         c. an         d. not         e. too


3. You look ............. you were expecting some bad news.

a. although           b. as though           c. almost

d. really                 e. if only


4. I'd like ............ lemonade with ............ sugar in it, please.

a. the/the        b. a/a        c. some/a 

d. a/some        e. --/any


5. He works now ............. than he used to when he first started working for us.

a. almost too efficiently           b. far more efficiently

c. just as efficiently                    d. really very efficiently

e. too much


Be sure to look up in a dictionary any words you are not familiar with. Note down their pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms and derivatives. Do not forget that a few sample sentences are always of great help for long-term memory.

Upper Intermediate Vocabulary:

Choose the Most Common, Likely or Appropriate Word

1. In the medical profession, men ............. women by two to one. 

a. outlive                b. outdo              c. outshine

d. outnumber        e. outclass


2. Grandma has no authority over the children and lets them do anything they like. They're completely .............. , as a result.

a. spoilt                b. damaged                 c. humorous

d. scornful           e. impulsive


3. Don't forget to wish people many happy ............ on their special days.

"Many happy ............ !"

a. returns          b. celebrations          c. anniversaries

d. jubilees         e. congratulations


4. She is very ............. ; you just couldn't make her walk pass under a ladder.

a. credulous               b. religious                c. supernatural

d. surreptitious         e. superstitious


5. These figures will give you a rough idea as to the cost of ............. a sports car.

a. maintenance        b. accessories        c. how expensive

d. license plate         e. running





They say, if you're a positive person, then it's half-full; If you're a negative person, then it's half-empty.

An optimist thinks it half-full, a pessimist laments it is half-empty.

The science of psychology says, it's half-empty, if you're drinking out of it.

The science of physics points out, it's half-full, if you're filling it.

But the all-important existential truth is, it's going to be all -- bottle'n glass -- empty pretty soon.

So, be sagacious and expedient: Always keep a second bottle in reserve, says the sage İzbulismus.

And, don't drink and drive, please.




"This is your captain speaking. On behalf of my crew I'd like to welcome you aboard British Airways flight 602 from London to New York. We are currently flying at a height of 35,000 feet midway across the Atlantic.

on behalf of my crew = mürettebatım adına... welcome aboard = gemiye, uçağa, vb. hoşgeldiniz demek, buyur etmek... midway across the Atlantic = Atlantik'in ortasındayız.

"If you look out of the windows on the starboard side of the aircraft, you will observe that both the starboard engines are on fire.

starboard = sağ taraf, sancak tarafı... aircraft = airplane = uçak... engines are on fire = motorlar tutuşmuş yanıyor...

[Gemicilik terimleri: bow (baş, ön)... starboard (sancak; yüzümüz başa dönükken sağ taraf)... port (iskele; yüzümüz başa dönükken sol taraf)... stern (kıç, arka)...

"If you look out of the windows on the port side, you will observe that the port wing has fallen off.

port = sol taraf, iskele tarafı... the port wing has fallen off = sol kanat kopup düşmüş...

"If you look down towards the Atlantic ocean, you will see a little yellow life raft with three people in it waving at you.

life raft = kurtarma salı... waving at you = size el sallayan...

"That's me, the copilot, and one of the air stewardesses. This is a recording."

İşte o benim, ve ikinci kaptan ve hosteslerden biri... Bu bir kayıttır...



A big bear and a little rabbit are taking a dump side by side in the woods.

The bear looks down at the rabbit and asks: "Do you have trouble with shit sticking to your fur?"

The rabbit replies, "No". So the bear wipes his ass with the rabbit.

taking a dump = kakalarını yapıyorlardı... shit = (kaba) kaka...

stick to your fur? = postuna yapışıyor mu?... wipes his ass ... with the rabbit = tavşanla k***nı siler...


A man comes home from work and finds his wife admiring her breasts in the mirror. He asks, "What are you doing?"

admiring = takdirle seyrediyor...

She replies, "I went to the doctor today, and he told me I have the breasts of a 25 year old."

The husband retorts, "Well, what did he say about your 50 year old ass?"

to retort = cevap vermek, bir sözün karşılığında söylemek... (to reply sözcüğüne göre biraz daha dikkafalı bir sözcüktür)...

She calmly replied, "Frankly dear, your name never came up."

Frankly... came up = Doğrusu, senin adın hiç geçmedi...



It can buy a Bed, But not Sleep.

It can buy a Clock, But not Time.

It can buy you a Book, But not Knowledge.

It can buy you a Position, But not Respect.

Size mevki kazandırabilir, ama saygınlık kazandıramaz...

It can buy you Medicine, But not Health.

It can buy you Blood, But not Life.

It can buy you Sex, But not Love.

So you see money isn't everything. And it often causes pain and suffering.

Görüyorsunuz, para herşey demek değil... (Üstelik) çoğu zaman elem ve acılara neden olur...

I tell you all this because I am your friend, and as your friend I want to take away your pain and suffering....

However, all hope is not lost for you. I'll show you a way out: Send me all your money, and I will suffer for you.

Bununla birlikte sizin için bütün umutlar tükenmiş sayılmaz. Size çıkış yolunu göstereceğim: Gönderiveriniz  bütün paranızı bana; sizin yerinize ben acı çekeyim...






American Slang

face time = 1. Telefon veya e-mail vb. yerine kişilerle yüzyüze konuşulduğu zamanlar... "I had to go over and get some face time with him." 2. Birbiriyle buluşup konuşmayı kolaylaştıran bir yer, kolay buluşma mahalli... "The steps outside the cafeteria have great face time."

faded = Aşırı sarhoş... "Oh, you were so faded last night!"

fake = Randevusuna gitmemek, ekmek... "Don't you ever fake on me again!" 2. Hoş olmayan, nahoş... "Man, that was fake!"

fam = Family. "You got to come over sometime and meet the fam." 2. "geniş" aile, bazen yakın arkadaşlar da dahil edilerek. "All the cats (= arkadaşlar) that hang out on this corner are my fam."

fielding grounders = 1. yerlerden izmarit toplamak... "Hey, isn't that your dad fielding grounders?"

finer than frog hair = Çok alımlı ve çekici... "Hey, you seen his new girl? She's finer than frog hair."

finna = Birşeyi yapmak üzere olmak... "I'm finna go to the store."







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