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05/08/02 - 0029

Dearest Members, Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday May 12, 2002 (in Turkland). Now, I've added that surplus piece of information in parentheses because many countries of the world celebrate their own Mother's Day at different times throughout the year (and some -- guess who? -- do not observe it at all)... Some of the other countries that celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May are the United states (where, in 1914, the official announcement was made proclaiming Mother's Day as a national holiday -- a first in the world), Denmark, Finland, Italy, Australia, and Belgium...

Now, on to more practical matters... Surely, one the best way to celebrate Mother's Day is to give your mom the day off. Let her take it easy and relax while the rest of the family does the work. Let her sleep late as you go into the kitchen and prepare her favorite meal and let her have breakfast in bed. Don't forget a vase with the flowers she loves best on her bedside table.

Then take mom out to her favorite restaurant for a special Mother's Day dinner.  Make sure the whole family is present on this special occasion. It is a good day to let your mom relax and let her see what a wonderful family she has... izbul



ANKARA, Turkland (AP) Seventy-five-year-old Kemal Oğuz Çeliktin is excited at the idea of watching Turkland in the World Cup in South Korea, but is more excited to go back to the lands where he fought half a century ago.

war veterans [ve-tırınz] = savaş gazileri... to go = gidecekler (gazete başlıklarında mastar/infinitive gelecek zaman belirtir)...

Thirty-nine Turkish Korean War veterans will travel to South Korea this summer to support their national soccer team, Gültekin Alpugan, president of Turkland's War Veterans Association, said Monday. For many of them like Çeliktin who manned an artillery battery in the war it will be their first visit to Korea since the 1950-53 war.

to man = personel olarak çalışmak veya yerleştirmek ("adamlandırmak" kavramından)... manned space flight = insanlı uzay uçuşu... artillery battery [a-ti-lıri bæ-tıri] = topçu bataryası...

"I'm very excited," he said. "But this time, we're going to display the Turkish flag at a peaceful soccer match not at the war."

to display = göstermek, sergilemek...

Most veterans' trips are being funded by private Korean companies, led by Korea's LG Electronics Inc., in a sign of gratitude and friendship to the Turks.

to be funded by = tarafından ödeniyor, fonlanıyor... gratitude [græ-tiçyu:d = minnettarlık...

"I am going to see the lands where I fought," said 81-year-old Osman Yaşar Eken, who commanded an infantry platoon in the Korean War 52 years ago. "We want to be side by side with the Turkish national team in peacetime Korea now."

infantry [in-fıntri] = piyade... platoon [plæ-tu:n veya plı-tu:n] = takım, müfreze...

Fifteen veterans will attend Turkland's opening match against Brazil in Ulsan on June 3. "The presence of Korean war veterans will certainly fire up the Koreans in the stadium," said Jae-Geun Yoo, an official of the LG Electronics. "They already regard Turkland as their own national team."

to attend = katılmak, hazır bulunmak... presence [pre-zıns] = hazır bulunmaları, orada olmaları... will fire up = ateşleyecek... already = zaten, daha şimdiden, her halükarda... regard = saymak, addetmek, o gözle görmek...

Each veteran will be carrying 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of Turkish delight, a traditional treat of gummy sugar-brushed cubes, and will toss tiny packages of the candy with Korean and Turkish flags printed on them into the crowd, Alpugan said.

treat = hoşa giden şey, "kıyak"... gummy = yapışkan, koyu pelte kıvamında... sugar-brushed = üstüne şeker sürülmüş, kaplanmış... to toss = fırlatıp atmak...

"It is a sweet sign of our friendship," he said.

Korean officials have already guaranteed support for the Turkish team, by hiring cheering squads for the Turkish matches. Other foreign teams will also have similar squads recruited by Korean officials.

squad = ekip... (Koreli yetkililer takımları teşyi etmek için ücret alacak ekipler oluşturmuşlar!)... to recruit = devşirmek, askere almak; (burada) adam tutmak...

South Korea and Turkland have enjoyed warm ties since Turkland sent 15,000 troops to help South Korea as part of a United Nations force during the Korean War.

to enjoy = sahip olmak, nimetlerinden yararlanmak (Yani, bu fiili her gördüğünüz yerde hemen "hoşlanmak, hoşça vakit geçirmek" anlamında düşünmeyin; çoğu zaman "sahip olmak" anlamında karşınıza çıkacaktır)... troops = birlikler, askerler...

Turkish troops won honors from the U.S. Congress and the South Korean president for their successful defense during the Battle of Kunuri, in which the Turks acted as a rear guard and allowed other U.N. forces to withdraw after being taken by surprise by a larger Chinese force.

rear guard = ardçı koruma kuvveti; geri çekilme sırasında düşmanı oyalamak için bırakılan kuvvetler... to withdraw = geri çekme veya çekilme... withdrawal symptoms = uyuşturucu vb bırakma semptomları... withdrawal method = "Katoliklerde" doğum kontrol yöntemi...

For Col. Necdet Çakan Işık, South Korea's co-hosting of the World Cup together with Japan is a source of pride. "For 50 years, I have lived with the images of my friends who fell in Korea," said Işık. "Now, I am proud to see that beautiful country live happy days."

for = için, açısından... col. = colonel = albay... co-hosting = birlikte evsahipliği... source of pride = gurur kaynağı... images = görüntüler... who fell in Korea = Kore'de şehit düşen... to see that beautiful country live happy days = o güzel ülkeyi mutlu günler yaşıyor görmek...

Seven hundred and twenty-one Turkish soldiers were killed and 2,147 were wounded in the Korean War.

by Selcan Hacaoğlu




The richness of Turkland’s underwater heritage and species of sea life is attracting foreign holidaymakers but not enough is being done to promote this section of the tourist industry, it has been claimed.

Dikkat: "To realize" fiilinin Türkçe'deki "gerçekleştirmek" anlamı, İngilizce'de pek az karşınıza çıkar. Genelde, "anlamak, kavramak, kafasına dank etmek" anlamlarında rastlarsınız... To dive = dalmak, dalış yapmak... diver = dalgıç...

underwater heritage = sahip olduğu sualtı zenginlikleri ("heritage" daha çok "kültür mirası" veya tarihten gelen zenginlikler anlamında kullanılır)... species = biyolojik tür; tekil ve çoğul aynı: One species is; two species are... to promote = (burada) tanıtımını "promosyonunu" yapmak. (Ayrıca: 1. Arttırmak, geliştirmek; 2. Terfi ettirmek)... to claim = iddia etmek, öne sürmek...

If more was done to promote undersea diving in Turkland as a tourist attraction, the country could become a leader in the field, according to diving teaching Sibel Karasu.

teaching = burada bir sıfat: "öğreten"... Öğretmen veya hoca anlamında "instructor" kullanırdık...

Many foreign tourists staying in holiday resorts and five stars hotels showed great interest to taking diving classes, Karasu said, with interest in diving in Turkish waters being so high that some tourists were coming to the country specifically to learn how to dive.

holiday resort = tatil beldesi... specifically = özel olarak...

However, not enough was being done to promote diving in Turkland as a tourism option, according to Karasu. “There should be more importance given to underwater museums in Turkland,” she said, adding that western and southern Bodrum, Çeşme, İstanbul and Antalya provinces all had potential for such enterprises.

to promote = (burada) geliştirmek... a tourism option = bir turizm seçeneği... enterprise = girişim, teşebbüs...

Karasu said that the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkland were particularly well suited with their natural or artificial reefs for diving. However, there are some 29 points in the Aegean and 14 in the Mediterranean where diving is banned, limiting the potential for growth in the industry.

well suited = çok uygun... reef = resif, döküntü, kayalık (ama, "artificial reef" ile ne kastettiklerini anlayamadım)...



*  *  *  *  *


All hail = herkes alkışlıyor... Champ Bom Bom = "Cim Bom Bom" için sözcük oyunu (Ben de Daily News yazarı, kadim dostum Sayın Bassey'i alkışlıyorum bu başlık için)...

In a formality match at Istanbul Ali Sami Yen Stadium, new champion Galatasaray walloped already-relegated Yimpaş Yozgatspor 5-0 to end the 2001-02 season on a high note.

wallop = pataklamak... already-relegated = zaten, daha şimdiden küme düşmüş olan... on a high note = "yüksek perdeden"...

Having been crowned champion the previous week, the match itself was of secondary importance. What was more important was the culmination of the week-long victory celebrations.

crown = taç... to crown = taçlandırmak, taç giydirmek... culmination = ending = sona erme, sonlanma, bitim... week-long= bir haftadır süren...

And the carnival atmosphere at Istanbul's Ali Sami Yen was worth watching. Fireworks crackled at the stadium on Saturday as Galatasaray fans in the club's yellow and red, chanted slogans and songs of glory in support of their team.

was worth watching = izlemeye değerdi... fireworks = havai fişekler... crackle = çatır çatır patlamak... to chant slogans = "slogan atmak"... (to chant, aslında şarkı söylemek anlamına bir fiil: bizdeki "şantöz" sözcüğü veya "şan dersleri" gibi deyimler de bu kökten geliyor... songs of glory = (burada) zafer şarkıları (normalde bu deyim, "Tanrıyı öven ilahiler" anlamı verecektir)...

The victory meant that Cim Bom clinched its fifth crown in six years and its 15th overall.

to clinch = perçinlemek... overall = toplam...

Galatasaray finished the season with 78 points, a three-point lead over arch-rival Fenerbahçe, thus winning back the title from the latter, whose victory last year had denied Cim Bom a fifth straight title.

arch-rival = baş-rakip, ezeli rakip... the former, the latter = önceki, sonraki, ilk anılan, ikinci anılan... to deny = 1. inkar etmek; 2. reddetmek; 3. vermemek, yoksun bırakmak... fifth straight title = peşpeşe beşinci şampiyonluk...

by Udo Steven Bassey




Born in a hotel room -- and God damn it -- died in a hotel room. -- Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953)

Amerikan drama yazarlarının belkide en büyüğü, Nobel edebiyat ve dört kez Pulitzer ödülü sahibi O'Neill, İrlanda asıllı bir aktörün oğlu olarak Broadway'de bir otelde gözlerini açtığı dünyaya, yine bir otel odasında veda etmekten belli ki hiç de hoşnut değildi.

I am curious to see what happens in the next world to one who dies unshriven. -- Pietro Perugino (1446-1523)

Sistine Kilisesi freskolarında büyük emeği olan İtalyan ressam. Raphael'in de hocasıdır. Ölüm döşeğinde papaz çağrılmasını reddetmiştir: "Öteki dünyaya günah çıkartmadan giden bir kimseye ne oluyormuş görmeyi çok merak ediyorum."

Drink to me! -- Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

"Şerefime için!" yahut, "Kadehinizi bana kaldırın", yada şuna ne dersiniz: "Benim için için!"

Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made in my case. Now what? -- William Saroyan (1908-1981)

Amerikalı yazar. Ölümünden önce Associate Press bürolarına telefon ederek son mesajını söylemiş: "Herkes ölmek zorunda, ama benim için bir istisna yapacaklarını hep düşünmüştüm. Eee, nolcek şimdi?"

In that case, what is the question? -- Gertrude Stein (1874-1946)

Amerikalı yazar. Ölüm döşeğinde, uzun zamandır Paris'teki can yoldaşı Alice B. Toklas'a sorduğu  "What is the answer?" (Yanıt nedir?) sorusuna yanıt alamayınca, (bir yanıt olmadığını kendisinin de bildiğini başıyla işaret ederek) bu kez sormuş: Peki o zaman soru nedir?..

I have had no real gratification or enjoyment of any sort more than my neighbor on the next block who is worth only half a million. -- William H. Vanderbilt (1821-1885)

Amerikalı ünlü milyarder: Yanıbaşımdaki blokta oturan sadece yarım milyonluk komşuma göre bir gram bile daha fazla tatmin yada zevk yaşamadım...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *


And, wrapping up the series, Dear Members, All I can offer, I'm afraid, by way of a closing statement will be the old dictum, "All is vanity"... Herşey, insanoğlunun hüsnü kuruntusu...

Perhaps we could go back to and find solace in our opening statement, "People Say A Lot Of Funny Things Just Before They Croak !!"

Be that as it may, mine will be "Not today, please; I've got a lot of work to get through!!"

Bugün olmaz; bugün çok işim var !!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *





By Robert Wielaard, Associated Press Writer

(Slightly modified for linguistic purposes)

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) - Stunned Dutch political leaders met Tuesday to consider postponing elections after an outspoken right-wing leader was gunned down. The prime minister appealed for calm, but the slain candidate's supporters fought with riot police near parliament.

to halt = to stop = durmak/durdurmak... stunned = donakalmış, şaşkınlık taş kesilmiş, "inanamıyor"... outspoken = sözünü esirgemeyen, cesur konuşan... was gunned down = ateşli silahla vurulup öldürüldü... to appeal for = (burada) çağrıda bulunmak... slain = öldürülmüş, katledilmiş (slay - slew - slain)... riot = kontrolden çıkmış saldırgan sokak gösterisi... riot polis = bizdeki toplum polisinin karşılığı...

Pim Fortuyn was shot and killed in the parking lot of a radio station where he had just given a campaign interview, nine days before elections in which his upstart anti-immigration party was expected to win up to 28 of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament.

parking lot = araba park alanı... upstart = genelde, "yeni türemiş, hızla gelişip zenginleyen, kendini beğenmiş ve sonradan görme" anlamları taşıyan bu sözcük, yine de burada bu derece olumsuz nüanslar taşımıyor...

Police said they arrested a 33-year-old white male suspect, a Dutch citizen, but they did not release his name or a suspected motive.

suspect = sanık... release his name = adını açıklamak... suspected = kuşkulanılan, sanılan veya tahmin edilen...

Prime Minister Wim Kok and senior Cabinet officials met with leaders of Pim Fortuyn's List — the party named after its 54-year-old leader — to discuss postponing the May 15 parliamentary elections.

named after its leader = liderinin adı verilmiş, liderinin adını taşıyan...


Vice Prime Minister Annemie Jorritsma said Monday that holding elections after the candidate's assassination would be "bizarre," and Els Borst, another deputy premier, said "maybe a time-out is necessary." But members of Fortuyn's Party suggested the vote go ahead as planned.

vice [vays] prime minister = başbakan yardımcısı (kullanılan bir başka kalıp ise: deputy prime minister)... assassination = süikast düzenleyerek öldürme... "to assassinate" fiilinden... assassin = süikastçı... bizarre [bi-za:] = garip, tuhaf, alışılmadık bir garabet (hatta biraz da gudubet) türünden... time-out = ara verme... suggested the vote go ahead = (çok dikkat etmeniz gereken bir yapı) "suggested that the vote should go ahead" yapısından dönüşüm...

Mourners in Fortuyn's hometown, Rotterdam, left flowers, candles and handwritten notes outside his home. The city hall stayed open through the night so people could write tributes in a public register.

tribute = DİKKAT: Burada "övgü, sitayiş" anlamında. Ama, sözcüğün bir başka anlamı ise = haraç, vergi, baç... a public register = (burada) halka açık defter...

His killing was the first assassination in modern Dutch history and sent shock waves through the Netherlands, where most political leaders go without bodyguards and many ride public transportation.

Several hundred protesters, many of them Fortuyn supporters, clashed with riot police outside the historic parliament complex in the center of The Hague on Monday evening.

Protesters smashed shop windows and at least two cars were set on fire in a parking garage under government offices. Police dispersed crowds with water cannons and detained several rioters.

water cannon = tazyikli su fışkırtma cihazı... cannon = (askeri) top... to detain = gözaltına almak (Ama bizim harika TV haber metni yazanlar ve spikerler "gözlem" = izleme, müşahade altına alıyorlar, o da başka!...)

*  *  *  *  *  *

DİKKAT, DİKKAT: Pekçok Hollandalı ülkelerine "Holland" denilmesinden hiç hoşlanmazlar... "The Netherlands" sözcüğünü kullanmaya özen gösteriniz...





 5th Women's Film Festival 

The Following Films Were Presented On May 7th, All Free Of Charge

Goethe Institute, Ankara

13:00 - Retrospective: Busi Cortez: Short films directed by Busi Cortez, Mexico: Hotel Villa Goerne, Fragile Return, Good Romeros. Busi Cortez met the viewers after her films were shown.

15:30 - Short films directed by Lisa Hayes, Canada: Lez Be Friends, Grandpa's Fingers, Women are not Little Men. Lisa Hayes met the viewers after her films were shown. Rakshan Selection: Short films selected for the festival by Rakshan Bani Etemad, Iran: On the Waves of Memory, The Season Without You, The Dead Man, The House is White.

18:00 - Tiefland, directed by Leni Riefenstahl, Germany.

Kızılırmak Movie Theatre

14:00 - Anam, directed by Buket Alakuş, Germany.

16:30 - The Friendship, directed by Nouchka van Brakel, Netherlands. Nouchka van Brakel met the viewers after the film was shown.

19:00 - The Second Awakening of Christa Klages, directed by Margarethe von Trotta, Germany.

21:30 - Mostly Martha, directed by Sandra Nettelbeck, Germany.

Kavaklıdere Movie Theatre

14:00 - The German Sisters, directed by Margarethe von Trotta, Germany.

16:30 - Rosa Luxemburg, directed by Margarethe von Trotta, Germany.

19:00 - Inheritance, directed by Paula Hernandez, Argentina.

21:30 - Honolulu, directed by Floria Gallehberger, with leading parts played by Uschi Ferstl, Saskia Jell, Vanessa Joop, Matthias Lehmann, Beryl Schennen, Sandra Scmidt, Germany. Uschi Ferstl and Sandra Schmidt met the viewers after the film was shown.

Gazi University, Faculty Of Communication Hall

13:30 - A Broken Doll, directed by Nisan Akman , Turkey.

18:00 - After Yesterday Before Tomorrow, directed by Nisan Akman, Turkey.

Ankara University, Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Hall

15:00 - Golden Cage, directed by Ayten Kuyululu Ürkmez, Turkey.

16:30 - Q&A, Ayten Kuyululu Ürkmez.

18:00 - A Handful of Dust and The Outsiders, directed by Ayten Kuyululu Ürkmez, Turkey.

 Selections From The Program 

The German Sisters

Germany, 1981, 106', color. Director: Margarethe von Trotta. Script: Margarethe von Trotta. Cast: Jutta Lampe, Barbara Sukowa, Rudiger Vogler, Doris Schade, Verenice Rudolph. Luc Bondy Awards: 1981 Venice Film Festival, Golden Lion.

The German Sisters is a film that deals with how  German socio-political history shaped and transformed the lives of two sisters, Marianne and Julianne. The calm and serene Marianne becomes a militant, while the rebellious Julianne becomes a liberal and opposes her sister's developing views. The love and hate relationship between these two characters ends up in mutual understanding, but it is already too late for the two to restore their relationship, because Marianne dies (or is murdered). Critics say that the film represents a metaphorical search for German national identity and the distance between the two sisters stands for the dividedness of Germany.

The Friendship

Netherlands, 2001, 117', color. Director: Nouchka van Brakel. Script: Nouchka van Brakel, Edwin de Vrie. Cast: Gerard Cox, Willem Nijolt, Pleuni Touw, Karina Smulders, Sylvia Kristel.

Friendship is a romantic comedy about the relationship of two men, seen and narrated through a woman's viewpoint. The film is about the reunion of two people after 40 years, of Peter and Gijs, who used to be close friends when they were youngsters. Peter is courageous and creative, while Gijs is rational and determined. When they were young, they had childish plans of becoming very rich. But at the age of eighteen they both fell in love with the same person, Anne. This situation had led them to go their separate ways for forty years. Gijs had left Rotterdam. Anne and Peter had got married. Gijs comes back to Rotterdam, now a very rich and successful man, but about to die; and he finds out that Anne has just passed away with a secret that could have changed the lives of Peter, Gijs and herself...

Copyright: Practical English.

 FLYING BROOM / UÇAN SÜPÜRGE *  Çalışmalarını uzaktan da olsa beğeni ile izlediğim bu bayan arkadaşlara yine de seçtikleri ad için (özellikle de İngilizce'deki anlamını düşünürsek) takılmadan edemeyeceğim: Yani "CADI" lığın bu derece açıkça kabul ve itiraf edilmesi mi gerekiyordu?!


Let the British Royal Navy show you how!

The British Military writes OFR's (Officer Fitness Reports). The form used for the Royal Navy and Marine's fitness reports is the S206. The following are actual excerpts taken from
people's "206's":

He has the wisdom of youth and the energy of old age.

This man is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

Since my last report he has reached rock bottom and has started to dig.

The only ship I would recommend for this man is citizenship.

His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity.

I would not breed from this Officer.

This Officer is not so much of a has-been, but more of a definitely won't-be.

Technically sound, but socially impossible.

This Officer reminds me very much of a gyroscope - always spinning around at a frantic pace but not really going anywhere.

When she joined my ship this Officer was something of a granny. Since then she has aged considerably.


This Medical Officer has used my ship to carry his genitals from port to port, and my officers to carry him from bar to bar.

She sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them.

This Officer should go far - and the sooner he starts, the better.

This young lady has delusions of adequacy.

Works well under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap.

Only occasionally wets himself under pressure.

*  *  *  *  *  *


I love you...

This won't hurt a bit...

The check is in the mail...

I was just going to call you...

Of course I'll respect you in the morning...

We have a really challenging assignment for you...

I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you...



-- Our products are contributing to global warming.

-- A warmer planet means more fridge sales!

-- Ürünlerimiz küresel ısınmayı arttırıyor.

-- Desenize daha çok buzdolabı satacağız!


A blonde was driving back from the mall when there was a terrible hail storm. Huge hail stones the size of golf balls pelted her car leaving it full of dents.

the mall -- USA -- alışveriş merkezi... hail = dolu... to pelt = (küçük taşlarla) taş yağmuruna tutmak... dent = çizik, bere, küçük göçüntü, çöküntü...

She drove to the body shop and asked what she should do. The body man explained what needed to be done and that it would cost at least $4000 to repair.

body shop/man = kaportacı... explained what needed to be done = yapılması gereken şeyi anlattı...

She said that was too much and wasn't there some other way to fix it. The body man decided to have a little fun and said, "Well, you could blow into the tail pipe real hard and they might pop back out."

and wasn't there...etc = sınav ingilizcesi için doğru gramer : "and asked if there wasn't"... tail pipe = egzos borusu... (DİKKAT: Sınav İngilizce'sinde "real" sıfat kabul ediliyor ve yanlış sayılıyor. Bu kullanım konuşma diline yerleşmiş olmasına rağmen, sınavlarda "really" -- zarf, adverb -- kullanınız.)

She decided to give it a try before spending that much money. She drove home and was in the garage with her lips wrapped around the exhaust pipe when her equally blonde neighbour came over to visit.

give it a try = bir denemek... wrapped around = etrafına tamamen sarıp sarmalamak... equally blond = aynı derecede "sarışın"...

"What are you doing?!" she shrieked, thinking she had just prevented her friend from committing suicide.

shriek = çığlık atmak...

"I'm blowing into the tailpipe real hard to pop all these dents out of my car," she explained.

to pop = pıtrak gibi fışkırmak veya fışkırtmak...

"Well, silly, it's never going to work" replied her neighbour.

silly = (burada) budala sen de!..

"Why not?" asked the blonde.

"Because you've got to roll up the windows first."

Çünkü önce pencereleri kapatmalısın!... ("Roll" fiilinin kullanılması, pencerenin çevirme kolundan dolayı...)


A married couple went to the hospital to have their baby delivered. Upon their arrival, the doctor said he had invented a new machine that would transfer a portion of the mother's labour pain to the father and asked if they were willing to try it out.

to deliver a baby = doğurmak/doğurtmak... a portion of = bir bölümü... labour pain = doğum sancısı... try sth out = denemek...

They were both very much in favour of it. The doctor set the pain transfer to 10% for starters, explaining that even 10% was probably more pain than the father had ever experienced before.

to be in favour of = lehinde olmak... for starters = başlangıç için... was probably more...etc = erkeklere taş atıyor: doğum sancısının %10'u bile erkeklerin bilmediği bir sancıdır...

But as the labour progressed, the husband felt fine and asked the doctor to go ahead and kick it up a notch. The doctor then adjusted the machine to 20% pain transfer. The husband was still feeling fine.

as = -ıkça, -ikçe... progress = ilerlemek... go ahead = devam et, hadi başla... kick it up a notch = bir çentik yukarı çıkart... to adjust = ayarlamak, düzenlemek... still feeling fine = hala kendini iyi hissediyordu...

The doctor checked the husband's blood pressure and was amazed at how well he was doing. At this point they decided to try for 50%. The husband continued to feel quite well.

checked ... blood pressure = tansiyonunu (kan basıncını) ölçtü... was amazed = şaşırıp kalmıştı...

Since the pain transfer was obviously helping out the wife considerably, the husband encouraged the doctor to transfer ALL the pain to him.

since = because... obviously = besbelli, açıkça... considerably = büyük ölçüde, önemli ölçüde, dikkate değer derecede... to encourage = teşvik etmek, yüreklendirmek, cesaret vermek...

The wife delivered a healthy baby with virtually no pain. She and her husband were ecstatic.

virtually = almost = neredeyse, hemen hemen... with no pain = ağrısız...

When they got home, the mailman was dead on the porch.

mailman (USA) = postman (UK) = postacı... porch = ön kapı girişi, sundurma, veranda (USA)...





Notice in a dry cleaner's window:
Anyone leaving their garments here for more than 30 days will be disposed of
(garment = giysi... to dispose of = çöpe atmak, başından atıp kurtulmak...)

DİKKAT: Bu bölümde sıraladığım "komik" sözlerden, dil açısından alınacak önemli dersler var. Bunları kaçırmayın. Örneğin yukardaki tümcede yaptıkları dil yanlışlığı "to be disposed of" fiilini yanlış özne ile ilgilendirmeleri... Dolayısıyla, giysileri değil, bunları bize  bırakan insanları çöpe atacağız, demiş oluyorlar!..

Sign outside pet shop:
No dogs allowed
(Köpeklerin girmesine izin verilmeyen bir evcil havyvanlar dükkanı...)

Spotted in a Blackpool guest house:
Hot and cold running in all rooms
(running water = musluk suyu...) (Ama, "water" sözcüğünü yazmayı unutunca: Bütün odalarda sıcak ve soğuk hava koşuşturuyor...)

Sign in London pizza parlour:
Open 24 hours - except 2 a.m. - 8 a.m.

Seen in a college:
This week's lecture: Underwater Life by Peter Fish

Notice in a field:
The farmer allows walkers to cross the field for free, but the bull charges
(Çiftçi abim sözcük oyunu yaparak bütün suçu boğanın üstüne atıyor: to charge = 1. ücret karşılığı satmak veya sunmak; 2. saldırmak...)

Notice at the zoo:
Children found straying will be sent to the lion enclosure
(Dikkat: Başıboş gezen çocukları aslan kafesine atıyorlar!!)

Message on a leaflet:
If you cannot read, this leaflet will tell you how to get lessons
(leaflet = broşür : okuma yazma bilmeyenler için!)

Traffic sign:
Parking restricted to 60 minutes in any hour
(Günün herhangi bir zamanında 60 dak. demek istemişler!!)

Sign at Norfolk farm gate:
Beware! I shoot every tenth trespasser and the ninth one has just left
(I shoot = vuruyorum... every tenth = her onuncu... trespasser = izinsiz giren veya geçen... Dokuzuncu az önce çıktı...)

In a Laundromat in Australia:
Please remove all your clothes when the light goes out
(ışık sönünce: remove all your clothes = 1. çamaşırlarınızı makineden çıkarın... demek istemişler, ama, "Üstünüzdekileri çıkarın, tamamen soyunun, olmuş!)

Modified from several sources on the Net...