ingilizce gramer testleri

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ingilizce gramer testleri


Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

UYARI: Testler Özgün ve Basım veya İnternet Hakları Telif Yasası Çereçevesinde Saklıdır.

İzinsiz çoğaltılamaz veya İnternette Yayınlanamaz.

There are 20 Questions in this Test. Allow Yourself 20 Minutes to answer the lot.

Level : WOW !!

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Bu testte 20 üzerinden 17+ alabilirseniz, yurtiçi veya yurtdışında gönlünüzün çektiği, dilediğiniz sınava girebilirsiniz: Gramerden yana içiniz rahat olsun.


Mark the incorrect, incomplete or simply the "odd" sentence -- as far as grammar, meaning, or even spelling and punctuation is concerned...

Yanlış, eksik,  yada gramer, anlam veya hatta heceleme ve noktalama olarak "garip" tümceyi belirleyiniz...


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ingilizce gramer


ingilizce gramer


 --  01 --

a. A boot is a kind of shoe.

b. Houses have roofs.

c. These peoples are not Europeans.

d. A dog is good friend to a man.

e. A cigarette is made of tobacco and paper.



 --  02 --

a. Put a lemon in your soup instead of salt.

b. Fruit is very good for you.

c. Merinos sheep give us some very good wool.

d. Coffee is a drink. Tea is another drink.

e. I can write in ink or with a pencil.



 --  03 --

a. What a pity your friend couldn't come!

b. What stupid of me!

c. What a clever boy you are!

d. How stupid can you get?

e. What awful news!



 --  04 --

a. He took up swimming as a sport last year.

b. I should like a house in a country.

c. May I walk you home?

d. Donkeys are thought to be stupid animals.

e. I am fatuously fond of raw kangaroo meat sprinkled with parmesan cheese.



 --  05 --

a. Just between you and me, it's her I'm afraid of, not him.

b. Do you really think him is stronger than me?

c. What! Me accept a present from him! I never even speak to him!

d. Surely, it's him you mean, not me!

e. I think you're far prettier than them all.



 --  06 --

a. The parents of all the other boys = All the other boys' parents

b. A club for women = A womens' club.

c. The glass of someone else = Someone else's glass

d. The name of my sister-in-law = My sister-in-law's name

e. Toys for children = Children's toys



 --  07 --

a. He is too unpopular to win the elections.

b. This soup is too hot for me to drink it.

c. I don't have enough money on me to pay the bill.

d. The wind is strong enough to blow the roof off.

e. That's too much money for a toy like that!



 --  08 --

a. You may come and see me any day, but you must come some day.

b. "Please give me some more." "I'm sorry, but there isn't some left."

c. Didn't you do some work yesterday? I feel certain you did.

d. You aren't expecting anyone to call, are you?

e. These aren't my books. Did I take some of yours by mistake?



 --  09 --

a. What were you two talking about out there in the garden?

b. How many of those are yours?

c.  Who phoned this morning?

d. Which feet have you hurt?

e. Who told you to do it?



 --  10 --

a. He is much less cooperative than we had expected he would be.

b. She's not so ugly as you said she was.

c. She is so stupid as I thought she would be.

d. You'd be less well-off if you were married and had children.

e. Do you subscribe to the idea that is safer to tease a lion than scorn a woman.


Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

 --  11 --

a. I had my car repaired for me yesterday.

b. We don't have them cleaned very often.

c. Have someone bring it to you on a tray.

d. Why don't you have it brought to you on a tray?

e. Will you have it seen to soon?



 --  12 --

a. All junior officers are to report to the Colonel at once.

b. I'm supposed to go and see the boss this afternoon.

c. Do I have to show my pass every time I go in?

d. You've got to give it back to me before you leave.

e. No, you haven't to salute him every time you see him.



 --  13 --

a. I needn't have changed the old one, so I've brought it back home.

b. They didn't need to push it into the corner, because it was there already.

c. You needn't have said anything; then he would never have known.

d. You needn't have bought any food; but since you have, let's eat it now.

e. We didn't need to say anything at all, which was a great relief for us all.



 --  14 --

a. A regular chair can't stand on three legs; nor can a square table...

b. She used to get up early, but her husband didn't.

c. My friend hates mosquitoes. So does almost everyone I know.

d. The fish must be fried, but needn't the potatoes.

e. You needn't stay at home, but I must.



 --  15 --

a. "He wasn't late last night." "No, he wasn't, was he?"

b. They don't understand what we are saying, do they?

c. There never was any talk of it, was there?

d. "You're rather late."  "Yes, I am a bit, aren't I?"

e. Doing all these exercises will do you a lot of good, won't they?



 --  16 --

a. What have you been doing while I've been out?

b. Have you ever been beyond Erzurum?

c. What good films have you seen during this past fortnight?

d. Have you been waiting long for me?

e. You have been smoking at least five cigarettes since you came.



 --  17 --

a. As he was madly dashing down the steps, he suddenly slipped on a banana peel and came tumbling down...

b. When we were living in that house we had three servants.

c. We went fishing everyday when we were in Göcek.

d. When the war broke out, we lived in Mersin.

e. You were wearing a new hat when I met you yesterday.



 --  18 --

a. I wish I will be able to drive a car.

b. She wishes she knew his address.

c. I suggested that each team be given equal points.

d. If only she had asked for some advice !

e. He behaves as if he owned this place !



 --  19 --

a. Perhaps you'd let me know when your new stocks arrive.

b. You'd better not wait any longer.

c. It's time you bought yourself a new pair of shoes.

d. Would you be so kind as to kept me informed?

e. Candidates may not bring textbooks into the examination room.



 --  20 --

a. Let's not tell anyone.

b. You are to report for duty immediately.

c. Could you possibly lend me a hand with this car?

d. "Let's go by taxi, shall we?" "Yes, let's do so."

e. The switchboard is to manned at all times.




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Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

ingilizce gramer testleri

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