ingilizce gramer testleri

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ingilizce gramer testleri

Level : WOW TIMES WOW !!


Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

UYARI: Testler Özgün ve Basım veya İnternet Hakları Telif Yasası Çereçevesinde Saklıdır.

İzinsiz çoğaltılamaz veya İnternette Yayınlanamaz.

There are 20 Questions in this Test. Allow yourself 30 minutes for this test. Fill in the blanks, choosing your answer from among the supposed alternatives

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Bu testte 20 üzerinden 17+ alabilirseniz, yurtiçi veya yurtdışında gönlünüzün çektiği, dilediğiniz sınava girebilirsiniz: Gramerden yana içiniz rahat olsun.



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ingilizce gramer


ingilizce gramer


 01   GÜZİN asks apprehensively: "What do you think that awful noise was outside in the garden just a minute ago?"

YALÇIN answers, calm and collected: "Oh, don't worry. It ............... Buddy and Elmosh chasing after some cat. They must have knocked over the trash barrel."

a. can't have been              b. should have been                c.  must have been

d. ought to have been         e. would have had to be



 02   Then the second clown tumbled down head over heels, ............... made everyone laugh heartily.

a. that         b. what         c. who         d. whom         e. which



 03   He listened to them to the end with the courteous patience that characterizes him ............... he was getting more and more furious by the minute.

a. consequently         b. though         c. nevertheless

d. however                 e. in spite of



 04   ............... , I decided to take the day off and go down to the beach.

[Bu soruyu 15 saniyede çözene KPDS/ÜDS'de 90 üstü puan vermeyenin adresini bildiriniz, temizleyivereyim.] gramer komik

a. Promising to be a nice cloudless day

b. Even though it was a nice and warm day

c. Despite the fact that the weather was fine

d. The day being fine and fine days being rare

e. Looking like it was not going to rain



 05   If only he ............... informed us beforehand, none of this confusion would have happened.

a. has been         b. hadn't         c. had been         d. hadn't had         e. had



 06   You .............. another job pretty soon. I have a feeling that you're going to get fired before long.

a. would have started to look for

b. had better to start looking for

c. would start looking for

d. 'd better to start to look for

e. 'd better start looking for



 07   Inversion. (Devrik Cümleler)

        Choose the correctly inverted sentence:

a. Down fell a few drops of rain and the skies were soon clear again.

b. Hardly had we settled down with our picnic baskets because it began to rain.

c. The general gave a briefing to the press about the situation. Did people begin to understand the danger we were in only then?

d. Arise should any emergency, dial 112.

e. No sooner had we discovered who the thief was did we report him to the local police.



 08   YALÇIN: "What excellent Turkish you speak!"

        JUDITH: "So .............. !  I've been living in Didim for twenty years."

        a. So must I          b. So do I          c. So I should

        d. So I could          e. So much more



 09   The CUSTOMER: "Shall I have to pay all of the remaining installments in American

        dollars, too?"

        The SELLER: "No, you ............... . You may pay in whatever currency you might


        a. mustn't         b. shouldn't         c.  dare not         d. can't         e. needn't



 10   I'd rather you ............... it now.

A: hadn't done

B: didn't do

a. "A" doğrudur.

b. "B" doğrudur.

c. Her ikisi de doğrudur.

d. Her ikisi de yanlıştır.

e. Soru saçmadır.


Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

 11   He tiptoed into the room as quietly as he could ............... not to wake the children.

a. because of       b. so as       c. almost        d. unless        e. whether or



 12   ............... for this fresh loan from the İmdatbank, the company would certainly have collapsed by now.

a. If it had been         b. It wouldn't have been         c. Wouldn't it have been

d. If it were                e. Had it not been



 13   The boss urged the staff ............... this splendid opportunity he was offering them.

a. about missing          b. on missing          c. why to miss

d. why not to miss        e. not to miss



 14   As is their habit, these bloody self-seeking multi-national corporations never gave a thought to probable future ramifications when these decisions for the restructuring of the international money market .............. ten years ago.

a. they took           b. were taking          c. they were taking

d. to be taken        e. were being taken



 15   Aristotle is known to have announced his belief many times to the effect that, " .............. man is a political animal is pretty obvious."

[Bu dehşetengiz soruyu ilk çözen muhteşem İngilizceci yarın sabah Güzelbahçe iskelemize uğrayıp oltama gelen en kallavi kefalin helalimden sahibi olur.] gramer komik

a. This         b. That         c. The         d. A         e. --------



 16   As far as I'm concerned, all he is good at .............. making up the most improbable excuses anyone has ever heard.

a. his        b. presently        c. is        d. are        e. present



 17   (Over the phone) I was under the impression that you, too, .............. along with us. I am disappointed not to see you here.

a. were supposed to be coming       b. came to suppose

c. supposed to have come              d. are supposed not to come

e. supposed to come



 18   I shall say no more ............... I be misunderstood.

a. so.       b. lest        c. because of.       d. in order that       e. resulting from



 19   Which one is correct? [Bu soruyu çözenlere değil kefal, palamut, billah orkinos bile veririm!] gramer komik

a. Nobody is going to convince me to get on this bus of which the tyres look all worn out.

b. Nobody is going to convince me to get on this bus, which all the tyres look worn out.

c. Nobody is going to convince me to get on this bus, the tyres of which look all worn out.

d. Nobody is going to convince me to get on this bus all the tyres of which look worn out.

e. Nobody is going to convince me to get on this bus the tyres of which look all worn out.



 20   This friend of mine visited his doctor the other day with some stomach problems and the doctor simply suggested that he ............... away from alcohol for some time.

a. stayed       b. is staying        c. would be staying        d. stays       e. stay




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Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

ingilizce gramer testleri

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