Have I ever told you, Dearest Members, that I am an ardent Lombak reader? Where else would you suppose I would pick up such beautious contemporary slang words like "cıvır", "kevaşe", "lavuk" or "eküri" from!! Thanks to this semi-underground magazine that I feed my curiosity about and enhance my familiarity with all the newest fresh developments in Turkish slang...

Below you will find a selection of "Goril Abi" cartoons from Cengiz Üstün's "Tribal Infection" pages...

Some additions -- though no detractions, no disparagement or defamation -- were made.


goril abi cengiz üstün

-- Are you, Big Brother Gorilla,  human or are you -- pardon me saying so -- an animal? We just haven't been able to figure that out for years, you know.

-- Come here closer to me, sonny; I'll show you something.

-- Wow!! Where are you off to, Big Brother Gorilla, in that gorgeous dinner jacket?

-- Well, I've gone into politics, where I belong. I am now in the Grand National Assembly as an independent member, representing the animal kingdom...

lombak goril abi cengiz üstün

cengiz üstün

-- Have you seen the Hollywood classic "King Kong"?

-- My grandpa was the stuntman who doubled for him, you idiot!!

-- How much do you charge for electric shaving razors?

-- We've got some excellent sheep-shearing machines, Brother... They're going real cheap.

-- Look, I asked you a civil question. You'll get me swearing in a minute.

lombak goril abi

goril abi

-- You got any woolen sweaters?

-- You're a wooly one yourself; what use should you have for woolen sweaters??

-- You asshole!! I asked you a civil question; why don't you just give me back a cavalier answer?

-- Please tell me the truth, Doctor; Shall I go through an evolution.

-- Look, I told you that you will!! What's the hurry?

lombak goril abi cengiz üstün

lombak goril cengiz üstün

-- Sorry, Brother, it's forbidden to eat shelled nuts in the cinema.

-- You said something??

-- Ah, I beg your pardon, Big Brother; I couldn't see it was you in the dark.

-- Do you remember the young chimpanzee, penniless but proud, that you used to throw your butts on at Gülhane Park years and years ago??

-- So??

-- Well, he has grown to be a bigger gorilla than yourself now and is here to pay you back with superior knuckle-sandwiches!!

goril abi üstün

goril abi

-- Sweety, have you seen my epilatory cream? I don't seem to find it anywheres...

-- No, sweety, I haven't...