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01.  Which word in this sentence is an adjective? "She walked slowly towards the young child."

A. she      B. walked      C. slowly      D. towards

E. the      F. young      G. child

02.  In one of these words, the letter ‘o’ has a different sound to the others. Which one is it?

A. hot      B. some      C. not      D. shot      E. dog

03.  Which one of these things would you not take to school?

A. file      B. pencil sharpener      C. socket      D. highlighter pen

04.  Find the correct sentence:

A She has a full-timed job; she works eight hours each day.

B We have a fifteen-minute break between our morning lessons.

C I gave the shopkeeper a ten-pounds note.

D In summer, John wears short-sleeve shirts.

05.  What is the best meaning for this sentence? She is a heavy smoker.

A. She is overweight and she smokes.

B. She smokes very often.

C. Smoking makes her depressed.

06.  Find the right preposition for the gap:

She complained .......... the cold tasteless food in the restaurant.

A. about      B. of      C. to      D. from

07.  You can complete three of these sentences with the preposition ‘on’. Which one cannot be completed with ‘on’?

A She’s gone .......... holiday.

B The workers are .......... strike because their pay is too low.

C I saw your musician friend .......... TV last night.

D I’m sorry, I took your book home last night .......... mistake.

08.  Which phrasal verb can you use in all these sentences?

1 My alarm clock didn’t ........... this morning so I woke up late.

2 The bomb could ........... at any moment. It is very dangerous.

3 The fish will ........... if you don’t put it in the fridge; it already smells a bit!

A. go off      B. take off      C. get through      D. wake up

09.  Look at the word ‘get’ in these examples. Which one means ‘become’?

A. She’s trying to get a new job.

B. I’ll phone her when I get home.

C. My hands are getting cold.

D. You get a certificate at the end of the course.

10 Choose the best expression for the gap. This is a discussion between friends.

JEAN: Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for ages!

BOB: ............... . I was held up at work.

JEAN: Oh, never mind then.

A. I beg your pardon

B. I’m so awfully sorry

C. I’m really sorry

11 Here are some ways of asking people to do things. Put them in order from the least formal (which you would use with friends) to the most formal (which you would use with people you don’t know).

A. Could I possibly borrow your dictionary?

B. Could you lend me your dictionary?

C. I was wondering whether I could possibly borrow your dictionary.

D. Do you think you could possibly lend me your dictionary?

12 Find the sentence which is incorrect.

A. I am agree with you.      B. I think you’re right.

C. It’s OK as far as I am concerned.      D. I agree to some extent.

13 Which preposition can go with all these expressions?

1. I met him ...... the bus stop.      2. She lives ...... 43 Duke Road.

3. He’s ...... work at the moment.     4. They’re ...... a party tonight.

A. on      B. with      C. in      D. at

14 Put these expressions in order from least often to most often:

A. occasionally      B. always      C. never

D. sometimes      E. frequently      F. seldom

15 Find the most suitable ending: "In spite of the rain, ............... ."

A. he took his umbrella      B. he went by car

C. he went for a walk      D. he was in a bad mood

16 Read this sentence then put the actions A – D in the right order: "The police think that a cigarette caused the fire which resulted in the destruction of the building."

A. The building was destroyed.

B. There was a fire.

C. The police gave their opinion.

D. Someone dropped a cigarette.

17 Which of these places need the word "the" before them?

A. ... Nile      B. ... Lake Titikaka      C. ... Alps      D. ... Bahamas

18 All these words describe types of wind. Which one is the most gentle?

A. gale      B. strong wind      C. hurricane      D. breeze

19 Choose the best response to this question: "What does he look like?"

A. He looks like his brother.

B. He is very cheerful and friendly.

C. He likes dancing and going to restaurants.

D. He is tall and well-built with dark hair.

20.  Which expression below means ‘independent and able to think for yourself’?

A. She’s very sensible.      B. She’s easy-going.

C. She uses her initiative.      D. She’s got a lot of common sense.

21 All these words are things we do with our hands. What do people do after a concert or play?

A. clap      B. wave      C. punch      D. knock

22 Which of these family words describe a person who is your relative because of marriage (yours or someone else’s) ?

A. cousin      B. step-mother      C. grandfather      D. mother-in-law

23 How old is a toddler ?

A. 13–19 years     B. 65 + years     C. 1–2 years     D. 8–12 years

(DİKKAT: Gerçi doğru yanıtı değiştirmez, ama yanlış bilgilendiriyor olması bakımından bu soruya çekince koyuyorum: "toddler", "oyun çocuğu" demektir ve en olağan durumda gözümüzde 3-6 yaş grubu canlanmalıdır... izbul)

24 What should you put on your finger if it is bleeding ?

A. a sling      B. a plaster      C. an ice pack

25 Where can you put small things if you don’t want to carry a bag?

A. pocket      B. belt      C. scarf      D. sleeves

26 Choose the best item to add to this list of things you can buy in a newsagent’s: "Newspapers, sweets, cigarettes, magazines and ................ ."

A. parking tickets      B. stationery

C. furniture      D. electrical appliances

27.  Which of these are vegetables?

A. shrimp      B. courgette      C. pepper

D. cauliflower      E. grapes

28.  Here are some verbs connected with work. Which ones mean that you leave a job?

A. apply      B. resign      C. promote      D. retire

29.  Here are some things people use in offices. Which one relates to payment?

A. diary      B. filing cabinet      C. keyboard

D. invoice      E. monitor

30.  If a company breaks even, what happens?

A. It makes a little money.      B. It loses money.

C. It makes a lot of money.    D. It neither makes nor loses money.

31 Here are some things you can do with a ball in different sports. In which ones do you use your hands?

A. throw it      B. head it      C. catch it      D. kick it

32 Which verb do we normally use to describe what we do with the mouse which is attached to a computer keyboard?

A. open it      B. push it      C. click on it      D. press it

33 Find two institutions which are for young people aged 11–16 years.

A. primary school      B. grammar school

C. further education college      D. comprehensive school

E. nursery school

34 Here are some qualifications you can get from a university. Which one is the highest level?

A. BSc      B. MA      C. PhD      D. MPhil

35 Which of the following crimes involves taking things which are not yours (=stealing) ?

A. murder      B. shoplifting      C. burglary

D. robbery      E. theft

36 Find the best meaning for the underlined word in this sentence: Local people in the area where there has been most fighting are very pleased about the ceasefire.

A. an action which puts out all the fires

B. an agreement to stop fighting

C. an arrangement to build fires for the homeless

D. a candle factory

37 Which of these sentences are correct?

A. We went on a sightseeing tour on our holiday.

B. We made a lot of sightseeing on our holiday.

C. We did a lot of sightseeing on our holiday.

D. We got a lot of sightseeing on our holiday.