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01.  Here is a group of words which can all be used to talk about the same topic: shoot, edit, direct, star in, review... What is the topic?

A. theatre      B. newspapers      C. guns      D. films

02.  Choose the odd one out from this list of words connected with cars:

A. clutch      B. hatchback      C. brake

D. hand brake      E. steering wheel

03.  Which one of these words can only describe hair?

A. chestnut      B. auburn      C. wavy      D. ginger

04.  Choose the best word for this formal sign inside a pub: ............... will not be served to persons under the age of eighteen.

A. Drink      B. Alcoholic beverages      C. Booze

05.  If someone says to you, ‘I will arrive at six-ish’ what do they mean?

A. I will arrive exactly at six.

B. I shall be late.

C. I will arrive at around six.

D. I will arrive by six.

06.  What does ‘throughout’ mean here? Throughout the interview, the candidate stared at the floor.

A. from the beginning to the end      B. occasionally      C. regularly

07.  How should you answer a security guard at a night club who says: "You can’t come in unless you are a member."

A. That’s OK, I am not a member.

B. That’s OK, I am a member.

08.  Which one of these expressions is the odd one out?

1. poles apart

2. like two peas in a pod

3. a huge discrepancy

3. a world of difference

09.  Do these sentences mean (A) the same thing, or (B) different things?

A. Apart from having a salary, he also has a private income.

B. Besides having a salary, he also has a private income.

10 Choose the best response to this idiom: She’s fallen out with her parents again.

A. Oh dear! They are always arguing, aren’t they?

B. Oh dear! Did they hurt themselves?

C. Oh dear! I hope that they can fix it soon.

11 Which one of these objects in the home would you not usually put on the floor?

A. an ironing board

B. a mop

C. a coaster

D. a dust-pan and brush

12 Find the best word for the gap in this sentence: Hundreds of people have been ............... in a major train crash.

A. damaged      B. flooded

C. injured      D. wounded

13 Find the incorrect sentence.

A. I received good marks for my essays last term.

B. I must go to bed early because I am going to take an exam tomorrow.

C. The teacher always gives Jan higher notes than me.

D. If she continues to skip classes she is going to fail her exam.

14 Here are some clothing words. Which two things do you wear on your feet?

A. cuff      B. slippers      C. sleeve

D. laces      E. collar

15 What type of travel are all these words associated with? freight, buffet, guard, signal-box, express...

A. road      B. air      C. sea      D. rail

16 Choose the word which means ‘the distance from the outside of a circle to the centre.’

A. circumference

B. semi-circle

C. radius

D. diameter

17 Find the best word for the gap: They ............... the film before allowing it to be shown in cinemas because parts of it were extremely violent.

A. reduced      B. published      C. censored      D. shot

18 Here are some verbs which are connected with crimes and court. Which one does a judge not normally do?

A. sentence      B. acquit      C. commit (an offence)      D. convict

19 Which two of the following expressions describe money paid out by the government?

A. a mortgage

B. a student grant

C. interest

D. unemployment benefit

20.  If someone is fanatical, it means they are:

A. obsessed by something      B. traditional

C. a wonderful person      D. crazy

21 Find the two words which describe anger.

A. anxious      B. livid      C. thrilled      D. cross

22 What is the meaning of this sentence? I loathe the food they serve in our canteen.

A. I enjoy the canteen food.

B. I avoid the canteen food.

C. I hate the canteen food.

23 Which verb describes the way someone might speak if they were nervous, for example, during an important job interview?

A. shout     B. stammer     C. murmur     D. mutter

24 All these verbs describe ways of touching. Which ones are gentle?

A. stroke      B. grab      C. tap      D. snatch

25 Which one of these words is not connected with eating?

A. swallow      B. chew      C. suck      D. snore      E. lick

26 Which animal slithers?

A. a fish      B. a butterfly      C. a snake      D. a bird

27.  Choose the best reaction, if someone says to you "He was dressed up like a dog’s dinner at the leaving party."

A. " Was it a fancy dress party?"     B. " He does not have good dress sense!"     C. "Oh, he always wears showy clothes."

28.  Which one of these idioms about talk refers to being brief ?

A. wrap up the discussion      B. speak your mind

C. be long-winded      D. put it in a nutshell

29.  Which situation would this proverb refer to? When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

A. Parents whose children have gone on a school holiday.

B. Teenagers having a party in their house while their parents are not there.

C. Household pets which have found a way to get into the food cupboard.

30.  Find the best answer to this comment: Well, you don’t look very surprised to see me!

A. "I took it for granted that you would come."

B. "You took my breath away."

C. "I took advantage of your being away."

31 In a restaurant, an American friend says to her husband: "Do you have my purse Harry? I need to wash up." Which of these things does the friend want to do?

A. buy something      B. wash her hands

C. get her handbag      D. wash the dishes

32 Here are some slang (very colloquial) words. They all mean ‘money’, except for one word. Find the odd one out.

A. dough      B. dosh      C. nick      D. loot

33 What does this notice mean? No admission to unaccompanied minors.

A. You cannot enter if you work in a mine.

B. If you are under 18, an adult must be with you.

C. You can come in if you are with an accompanist.