QUIZ # 01

Gratefully Pilfered and Modified from

Level : Intermediate

Use each phrase only once. Click on the arrow to check your answer

according to, apart from, as for, because of, by means of, in case of, in common with, in favour of, instead of, on behalf of...


01.  I'd rather have wine beer.

       = yerine... (Dikkat: Fiillerle kullanabileceğiniz benzer bir başka yapı ise şudur: I would rather have wine than beer... I would rather starve than eat genetically modified foods...)

02.   bad weather, the trip will be postponed to next week.

     = ola ki, durumunda... (Dikkat: Ayrıca bir de zarf tümcelikleri için bir bağlaç olarak "in case" vardır. Örnek: "The latter takes precedence over the first in case there (should) be any significant differences between the two." = Aralarında önemli farklar olması durumunda, ikincisi, birinciye kıyasla öncelik kazanır. Dikkat... Dikkat... Bu yapıdan "should" çoğu zaman düşürülür, ve geride yabancılar için çok şaşırtıcı bir yapı ortaya çıkar...

03.   my fellow employees, I would like to thank management for all they have done to improve our situation.

     = adına, vekaleten...

04.  We finally solved our problem a new device created by our research and development department.

     = yoluyla, vasıtasıyla...

05.  me, I will be happy to dedicate a few extra hours to the cause.

     = ...'e gelince, ...'in açısından... Örnek: "Social sciences, in general, concentrate their efforts on understanding "men in society", whereas psychology would rather work with the individual. As for anthropology, I find that one must have a good grounding in the biological and geological in order to fill in the evolutionary background."

06.  You will have to remember that, a handful of scientists, no one is really aware of the magnitude of this problem.

     = ...'in dışında...

07.  I don't think it would work out for those two. As far as I can see Ali has nothing Meltem.

      = ile ortak, ile paylaştığı...

08.  the opposition parties, the whole project is just a waste of time.

     = ...'e göre, ...'in dediğine göre...

09. I'm all helping out the poor when in need.

     = lehinde... (Eşanl: to be (all) for... Karşıt: to be (all) against...) Örnekler: "I'm all for it..." "I am (all) against the whole project..."

10.  We will have to postpone our trip the bad weather.

     = ...'den dolayı, ...'in yüzünden...