QUIZ # 02

Gratefully Pilfered and Modified from

Level : Intermediate

Use each phrase only once. Click on the arrow to check your answer

by far, by mistake, due to, in addition to, in front of, lack of, on purpose, regardless of, with regards to, without regard for...


01.  Because of the interest in our product, we are going to stop producing it.

       = yokluğu... Bir örnek de benden: "Due to -- what I might call -- an almost palpable lack of interest on the part of our Group members (as evidenced by the paucity of the mail that I get), I am beginning to falter in my faith in what I am doing..."

02.   the large number of requests we have received, we are going to extend the sale to the end of the month.

     = ...'den dolayı...

03.   our friendly staff, you'll find our hotel provides everything you could ever desire.

     = ek olarak, ilaveten...

04.  There is a mysterious car the gate.

     = önünde...

05.  She was a fearless woman who acted her health.

      = dikkate almaksızın, hiçe sayarak... (veya, with no regard for...)

06.  your proposal, I'm afraid we are in no position to provide any funds for it at the moment.

     = açısından, ilişkin olarak...

07.  Learning English is sometimes difficult. However, you should remember that communication is the most important thing.

      = büyük farkla, çok çok daha fazla... (Bu bir pekiştiricidir) Bir başka örnek: "This is by far the best result we have obtained so far."

08.  I'm afraid I've charged you too much . Sorry about that!

     = yanlışlıkla, sehven...

09. You are going to have to work overtime your responsibilities at home.

     = dikkate almaksızın, ne olursa olsun... Örnek: "These services must be accessible for all citizens, regardless of age or sex." (Virgül, deyimi daha vurgulu kılıyor. Konulabilir veya konulmayabilir.)

10.  Please don't be angry with me. I didn't break it . It was quite by accident...

     = bile bile, maksatlı olarak... (Tersi: by accident, accidentally)