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Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

UYARI: Testler Özgün ve Basım veya İnternet Hakları Telif Yasası Çereçevesinde Saklıdır.

İzinsiz çoğaltılamaz veya İnternette Yayınlanamaz.

Allow Yourself 20 Minutes for this Test. Fill in the Blanks, Choosing a Word from Among the Supposed Alternatives

There are 20 Questions in this Test

Level : Advanced

Bu Testte kullanılan tümcelerin bir bölümünde yabancı okuma metinlerinden (British) yararlanılmış; tümcelerde gereksinim ölçüsünde değişikliğe gidilmiş; sorular tarafımdan düzenlenmiştir.


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ingilizce sözcük sozcuk


 01  In a speech he made today, the President of Passagonia advocated the .............. of nuclear arms and said that his country was ready for "urgent and effective measures to .............. the arms race."

a. expansion / hinder          b. propulsion / end

c. escalation / curtail          d. acceleration / stop

e. elimination / curb

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 02  The traditional bonds that exist between the two countries, as well as the mutual respect they hold for one another, will ............. a firm basis for further development of their economic ties.

a. compromise           b. compensate        c. contribute

d. constitute            e. capitulate

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 03  Both countries have declined to .............. the treaty on nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, partly out of concern for the other's supposed intentions.

a. praise            b. assess         c. avoid

d. endorse         e. advocate

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 04  Soldiers in full battle gear took up .............. outside the Presidential Palace as tens of thousands of demonstrators slowly marched towards the building.

a. trenches             b. position         c. situation

d. deployment        e. statement

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 05  Naim Süleymanoğlu, born of Turkish descent and one of the world's top weight-lifters then, .............. to Turkey some twenty years ago while he was competing in Australia.

a. immigrated        b. interrogated        c. defected

d. conspired          e. emigrated

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 06  If you can do without the few .............. pleasures of the country, you will find the city can provide you with the best that life has to offer.

a. rational           b. pastoral        c. humorous

d. scornful           e. satiric

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 07  Modern ocean-liners offer you a great variety of ............. comforts.

a. vulgar          b. infamous        c. ludicrous

d. civilized       e. hospitable

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 08  These figures will give you a rough idea as to the cost of ............. a sports car. [as to = konusunda, ilişkin olarak]

a. maintenance         b. accessories       c. running

d. license plate         e. how expensive

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 09  Precautions of this sort are necessary, for it is next to impossible to .............. the exact nature of the difficulties which will confront us. [next to impossible = konusunda, ilişkin olarak]

a. forewarn        b. forbid        c. forsake

d. fortify            e. foretell

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 10  The day after the birth of the .............. , no less than six helicopters arrived, bringing over sixty reporters and photographers to the small mountain village.

a. mountaineers       b. cannibals        c. prostitutes

d. midwives              e. quintuplets

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Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

 11  Inviting the fire-brigade to put out an imaginary, non-existent fire is a crude form of deception which no .............. person would ever indulge in.

a. self-conscious         b. self-respecting

c. self-indulgent           d. self-sacrificing

e. self-confident

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 12  Grandma has no authority over the children and lets them do anything they like. They're completely .............. , as a result.

a. spoilt            b. damaged         c. humorous

d. scornful         e. impulsive

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 13  She is very ............. ; you just couldn't make her walk pass under a ladder.

a. credulous            b. religious        c. supernatural

d. surreptitious        e. superstitious

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 14  Don't forget to wish your elders many happy ............ on their birthdays.

a. returns          b. celebrations        c. anniversaries

d. jubilees         e. congratulations

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 15  In the medical profession, men ............. women by two to one.

a. outlive            b. outdo        c. outshine

d. outnumber      e. outclass

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 16  Aggressiveness, the violent expression of selfishness, is relatively simple to explain in evolutionary .............. .

a. texts          b. books         c. words

d. terms         e. lectures

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 17  Only over the past few decades have we come to understand how surprisingly much of what we do may be .............. by the kind of creatures we are and especially by the information stored in our genes.

a. engraved        b. consented       c. avoided

d. gestured        e. influenced

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 18  Scientists have become increasingly .............. with the fact that genes not only govern physical characteristics but they also play a large role in behavior.

a. critical          b. impressed        c. intensified

d. indistinct       e. stimulated

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 19  In the normal brain a large number of substances were .............. that were later found to be abnormal in quantity or metabolism in a substantial variety of neurological disorders.

a. identified          b. deviated

c. overtaken         d. appointed

e. experimented

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 20  Severe difficulties must be .............. before cloning can be done with mammals and humans.

a. concluded          b. overcome        c. aggravated

d. endangered        e. guaranteed

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Doç. Dr. Yalçın İzbul,

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